Salisbury Mansion

Salisbury Mansion was once home to one of Worcester County’s wealthiest families. It was built in 1772 as a combination store and dwelling for a bachelor merchant from Boston, Stephen Salisbury (1746-1829). He brought his bride, Elizabeth Tuckerman (1768-1851) of Boston, to live there in 1798. They had three children; only one-son Stephen-survived to adulthood. After Madame Salisbury’s death in 1851, the house became a rental property, their son having built an elegant mansion of his own for his family.

Restoration, furnishing, and interpretation of Salisbury Mansion is based on surviving architectural evidence and on information found in the voluminous family papers, manuscript collections housed at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester and at the Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University.

Updated: June 2013.