Canal Bar & Grille

Business has been renamed!
Please note that Canal Bar & Grille ceased operating by this name in 2013. The below information is no longer be valid.
Please see "Location History" for updated information for the business that currently is operating in this location. Canal Bar & Grille originally opened in 2013.
to Canal Bar & Grille

Ginger Salmon from Canal Bar & GrillOriginally home to both 86 Winter and, most recently, Gumbo, Canal Bar & Grill has re-opened with many of the creole-style favorites introduced by Gumbo along with the traditional American pub fare to match the emerging theme of Water Street.

An intimate location, Canal Bar & Grill features two bars and a formal dining area nestled in the back of the restaurant. The bars and dining room are set into the ground with nice stone walls and dark wood that resemble a quiet wine cellar.

Updated: June 2013.